About Us

Sedona Zen CenteJosh White Zen Priestr’s founder and teacher is Josh Dainin White, Sensei.   An ordained Zen priest, Dainin Sensei began his formal Zen training in 1996, and received Shiho (Dharma Transmission) in 2014 from his teacher, David Daishin Brighton Roshi, Abbot of Prajna Zendo.

Dainin Sensei is Executive Director of Red Mountain Recovery, a sober living community based on mindfulness and the 12 steps which helps young adults launch into productive, sober lives.   He is also a longtime martial arts practitioner and teacher, and a proud husband and father.

Dainin Sensei is deeply interested in the connections between mindfulness and recovery from addiction; the historical and modern connections between Zen and the martial arts; and, perhaps most importantly, how to manifest Zen practice in the busy worlds of work, play and family.